The New Era of Business (ad)ventures between Finland and Brazil. 


We are an international team of cross-scientific experts with a wide range of high-quality services focused on Finnish and Brazilian market. 


Palms Ventures is a full-package internationalization agency for companies looking for growth in Finland and in Brazil.

We are specialized in creating partnerships between Finnish and Brazilian companies, developing businesses and strategies together with our clients, and finding and also applying the best possible funding possibilities for their needs.


our Services.

Internationalization of Finnish companies in Brazil

Matchmaking & Networking services

Brazilian market offers unlimitless business opportunities for Finnish companies in sectors such as Education, Healthcare, Cleanteach, AI, Agriculture, Digitalization and Bioeconomy.

We offer:


  • Market analysis & planning the market entry

  • Market position evaluation

  • Target evaluation & fine-tune of services and products

  • Core competence evaluation

  • Analysis of supply chain & value chain options

  • Operational actives and know-how in concrete level: translations, partner Search, marketing, sales, cultural, financial & legal advisory

In Finland, Palms Ventures has an exeptional and unique Brazilian network in governmental and private sector. We work together with start-ups, scale-ups and investors to find the perfect matches.

We offer:


  • The right people at the right time: we identity the best possible business partners for our client's needs and bring them together

  • Customer relationship, partnership, project, joint venture and importing opportunities using Palms Venture's exclusive network

  • Business travels with Matchmaking events in Finland and Brazil

Funding services

We search for the best funding opportunities (e.g. ELY Centre, Business Finland, EU Horizon) to our clients and create winning applications for them.

For Finnish and Brazilian companies and institutions we create high-level applications for the public procurements.

SME in Finland

Palms Ventures provides strategic, commercial, financial and digital solution consultancy for small and medium size enterprises. 

PS. If you have a business idea but don't know where to start from, tell us and let's see how we can help you!

Our partners.