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Reaching new heights.

About Us

Palms Ventures is a home for conscious Value Creators. We are an international team of cross-scientific experts whose aim is to leave a positive and useful impact in people's lives and in society itself by building sustainable and valuable businesses with great passion and deep professional knowledge.

In 2023 our ventures are highly focused on Tech Industry, Innovations in Talent Acquisition, Digital Customer Service Solutions and Carbon Credit Tokenization via Blockchain. One of our specialities is Brazilian Market and therefore we work actively with our local partners in Brazil creating new innovations and opportunities

Portfolio companies


Palms & Berries™

Palms & Berries™ is a Finnish food and lifestyle brand that was the first one bringing authentic açaí to Finland from the rainforest of state of Pará, Brazil. Company works with food service products.


Maxbot Europe

Brazilian-based Maxbot is a Multichannel Digital Service Platform that allows its attendants to interact with their customers through various communication channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, WebChat and Omnichannel.

Comprador Moderno

Comprador Moderno (In English "Modern Buyer") is a Brazil-based company that offers collective purchase services focused on agricultural companies in Brazil. 

FCJ Finland

FCJ Venture Builder Finland is part of the biggest venture builder in Latin America. In 9 years created 42 venture builders which have 700+ investors, 120+ startups, 3000+ B2B clients 9 M B2C clients.

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We are located in Finland and Brazil.

You can contact us directly or using the form. We will contact you as soon as possible!

Humberto da Veiga Sampaio Neto

Tel. +358 45 667 4006

Tel. +55 11 3280 3334

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