Palms Ventures is founded by enthusiastic and creative entrepreneurs who always look for ways to increase value in people's lives through high-quality products and services. We have the pleasure of working together with innovative people and brands from Finland and Brazil. Palms Ventures is all about collaboration and creating new (ad)ventures together!

In 2022-2023, we will focus especially on customer service software with many other useful elements for all size of companies, bio economy solutions, UN projects and digitalization in sustainable business. 


Palms & Berries

Palms & Berries™ is a Finnish start-up brand that was the first one bringing authentic açaí to Finland from the rainforest of state of Pará, Brazil.


The partner plantation in Brazil cultivates açaí palm trees in a rainforest area which had suffered by severe logging. This way the new açaí planting brings the damaged forest alive again. 

All the Palms & Berries™ products are handmade in Helsinki by the best high-quality ingredients mixing exotic açaí with local berries from Finnish forests. Palms & Berries™  offers delicious, fresh Smoothie Bends and addictive flavor açaí sorbet. 

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Comprador moderno

Comprador Moderno (In English "Modern Buyer") is a Brazil-based company that offers collective purchase services focused on agricultural companies in Brazil. 


There are no joining fees or any additional costs for becoming a member and enjoying the benefits in their collective purchase group. Comprador Moderno works closely with local agricultural organizations and associations with an aim to facilitate the processes of trading agricultural goods in the most effective and profitable way for all parties involved.

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